Louis’s foster family in France were pleased to hear from Louis, who seems to be settling in well with his new family…

“When I arrived at Neil and Sam’s house I was rather nervous and scared, not just of being somewhere new but also of two small uprights who seemed very excited to see me. On the plus side, finally some food. I managed to calm down a bit. But at bedtime missed my old chums, George and Milly. After much persuasion I secured a position in bed with Neil and Sam at about 1am and slept soundly on Sam’s foot until the small squeaky one woke up.

“Today was much better, an early morning walk with Neil, more food and then a long walk in some woods with Sam. I even met some other doggies. By this time, the trauma of the weekend and the heat took their toll and I flaked out.

“I spent the rest of the day exploring the house and playing with Neil as the others were nowhere to be found. Much to my relief they returned late afternoon in time for Sam to feed me again. It’s not all bad.

“More playtime with the small excited ones and more cuddles. I then got to drag Sam round some fields, helped her chop up some food and helped eat dinner.

“I’m now asleep on the sofa with my head on Sam’s lap.”

Mmm, these French cows are the tastiest