Rough Collie Lazzo reached his new home in Yorkshire yesterday, the end of his journey with Animalcouriers from the Beziers area of France.

His joyous reunion with his family was tinged with sadness, however. Nicolette’s parents, who had retired to France, had found Lazzo abandoned in a vineyard. Since then, her father has sadly passed away and her mother has become ill and unable to look after Lazzo.

So Nicolette arranged for Lazzo to stay at a kennels while he waited for his pet passport to become valid and he could join Nicolette and her family in England.

Lazzo will be living a charmed life with a lovely family in a wonderful rural setting. He even has another Collie and a cat in his new life.

Nicolette and her family are lucky too, as Lazzo is a gentle, loving dog who’s been a joy to transport.

Lazzo gets a big welcome