Change of plan for Louis

Change of plan for Louis

Louis, the abandoned pup rescued by courier J on a trip to Spain last year, is ready to head to the UK. His pet passport is now valid and he’s being collected from his foster family in France by courier M at the end of the week.

But there’s been a change of plan. Rather than going to live with couriers J and R and their Welsh Collie Billywhizz, he’s off to join a different family.

So what happened?

Well, back in December a Staffie pup called Pugsley went to stay with J and R. He was due to join his family in the US about a month later, but the family’s circumstances changed. Hoping it would work out, the family asked J and R to keep Pugsley until they were ready for him.

While all these discussions were going on, Pugsley was falling in love with Billywhizz, and R was falling in love with Pugsley.

Meanwhile, Louis was making his own new friends. Sam and Neil and their two daughters went to stay with Louis and his foster family. Louis is brilliant with kids (thanks, Manon!) and took to Amy and Carrie in no time — not to mention winning over their parents as well, who were already making plans to adopt a rescue dog.

On their return to the UK, the family got in touch to say that the girls hadn’t stopped talking about Louis; and that if for any reason he was looking for a new home, they’d love it to be theirs.

On hearing this, J revealed that she and R had just reached an agreement with Pugsley’s owners to adopt him. Although she’d had no intention of giving Louis up, J realised that letting him go to another family where he was equally wanted would be a fantastic outcome for all concerned, both dogs and people.

J’s primary concern is always the welfare of the animals. She rescued Louis to make sure he had a good home, and that’s what’s happening. And Pugsley is beautifully settled in too.

So with courier J’s blessing, Louis will be joining his new family shortly after the weekend… where plans are well underway for his arrival. The girls have already been out buying new toys for him. Neil is hastily finishing off the decorating. They’ve changed their car to give him more room in the back. And holiday plans for later in the year have been slightly altered to find a holiday cottage that accepts dogs.

Louis is having a going-away party on Friday evening, where as many of his local friends as possible will get together to give him a great send-off. There will doubtless be a tear or two on Saturday morning as he leaves, plenty of TLC on the journey — and lots of hugs and cuddles when he reaches his destination.

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