From rags to riches

From rags to riches

We collected cats Hollin and Hola from Alicante to take them to England to join their owner, Margaret.

Hollin was a stray who decided to move into the holiday home where Margaret was staying. They got on very well and by the end of two weeks Hollin was living a life of luxury, and even sleeping on Margaret’s bed.

Margaret couldn’t bear to part with Hollin so started the process of bringing her to the UK, which involved Hollin staying at a cattery while her travel documents were processed. During that time, another stray cat was put in with Hollin to keep her company. That was Hola, and another beautiful friendship was formed.

Margaret couldn’t bear to separate the two cats, so decided to adopt Hola as well and bring both of them to live with her in the UK.

Hollin's beautiful eyes

Hola's fantastic markings

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