We heard from Cookie’s owner, Carla, who along with her son is enjoying following Cookie’s journey on Twitter and our blog. On reading some of the stories about Cookie’s travelling companions, Carla thought we might like to hear a bit about Cookie’s history, too. She tells us:

“I found Cookie and her four siblings about 12 days before Christmas in 1998. I had just thrown my rubbish into a big communal bin by the roadside when I heard some weak cries. As the bin was almost empty, I thought a kitten had fallen in and so in I went head-first — it must’ve been a sight to see just my legs wiggling about out the top! I just managed to reach the plastic bag right on the bottom — it was half-filled with water and when I tore it open there were 5 new-born puppies inside. As it was about 5 degrees, I shoved them inside my jacket and took them to the vet. Unfortunately, 2 of them didn’t make it but it was 2-hourly bottle feeds for the other 3!

“While the 2 boys thrived it became apparent that Cookie was very sick: she constantly regurgitated her milk. X-rays also showed that her legs were positioned too far down her body. She tried to walk using only her front legs and dragging her stomach and back legs along the floor. The vet told me she’d never be able to walk and that the best thing would be to have her put down. Well, she had been trying so hard to walk and play with her brothers that I decided to wait and see. While she was on antibiotics I carried her around everywhere and kept her near my neck or my chest, so she could feel my heartbeat to soothe her.

“About 2 weeks later she managed to walk properly using her back legs, and although she was very wobbly at first, she got stronger and stronger. I found homes for her brothers but decided to keep Cookie who eventually could not only walk, but run like the wind!

When deciding on a name for her I could’ve called her Dusty, but that was a bit obvious and I didn’t want to constantly remind her of her awful start in life. So, I called her Cookie because she’s a survivor: a tough little Cookie!”

a tough Cookie