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Nelson and Kasper head for New Zealand (at last)

When Sharon and Richard decided to move from the Greek island of Rhodes to New Zealand, they started researching what they needed to do to take their cats with them. They found their cats abandoned near some rubbish bins as tiny kittens — about three weeks old. Grey tabby Nelson is a big boy whose hobbies revolve around food and eating. Never more than a few hundred metres from his food source, he loves people and cuddles, and even managed to convert his owners' landlady from being terrified of cats to adoring him and feeding him tuna and chicken. Ginger [...]

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Lapsang, Dippy and Bamboo

We collected Susan's cat Lapsang and her dogs Dippy and Bamboo from Maira the vet in the Umbria region of Italy. Susan left her precious charges with Maira as she had to leave for England ahead of them. The dogs are a right pair of scallywags, especially little Bamboo, who's always on the lookout for something naughty to get up to! Maira reckons that Lapsang will do anything for a big neck scratch 'n' tickle.  

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