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STOP PRESS: Pet passport rules are changing from 1 January 2012

From 1 January 2012, the pet passport rules are changing. Your dog, cat or ferret won't have to wait so long before it can enter the UK from an EU country. And although your pet will still need to be microchipped and vaccinated against rabies, it won't need a blood test. The Defra website gives more details.

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Letters from King Louis: part 1

Louis's foster family in France were pleased to hear from Louis, who seems to be settling in well with his new family... "When I arrived at Neil and Sam's house I was rather nervous and scared, not just of being somewhere new but also of two small uprights who seemed very excited to see me. On the plus side, finally some food. I managed to calm down a bit. But at bedtime missed my old chums, George and Milly. After much persuasion I secured a position in bed with Neil and Sam at about 1am and slept soundly on Sam's [...]

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Lazzo comes home

Rough Collie Lazzo reached his new home in Yorkshire yesterday, the end of his journey with Animalcouriers from the Beziers area of France. His joyous reunion with his family was tinged with sadness, however. Nicolette's parents, who had retired to France, had found Lazzo abandoned in a vineyard. Since then, her father has sadly passed away and her mother has become ill and unable to look after Lazzo. So Nicolette arranged for Lazzo to stay at a kennels while he waited for his pet passport to become valid and he could join Nicolette and her family in England. Lazzo will [...]


Yellow Lab Genie is off to Malaysia in a month's time, once her papers are all ready. Today she said goodbye, albeit for a short time, to her devoted family, who are travelling ahead of her. Genie and her box of soft toys seemed quite excited on arriving at the kennels where she'll stay until she's ready to fly.

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Louis’ big send-off

Courier M checked Louis' passport yesterday afternoon and confirmed everything was in order for him to travel. So this morning Louis joined the Animalcouriers trip to the UK, where his new family are almost bursting with excitement. We're fairly certain they'll be waiting on courier M's doorstep when he arrives home tomorrow! The night before Louis left, he had a lovely going-away party. Manon baked a cake. Di brought Louis a new toy. And everyone raised a toast to wish him 'bon voyage'.[fusion_slideshow]

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