Rocky’s cats

Rocky’s cats

In addition to hound Rocky, Animalcouriers is transporting four cats from Naxos to the UK for G and J.

Although G and J know that they are really Naxos hillside cats, who might well be happier left where they are, they also worry that no-one else would look after the cats and that they might even end up poisoned. They’re confident that all four cats will soon adapt to life in Dorset.

All four were originally strays, born around Anna’s Restaurant, a popular place where people go to eat great food and cats gather to enjoy the fish heads and tails and other scraps. And of course, they bring all their litters of kittens with them too.

Naxos has a very active animal welfare group focused on microchipping and neutering all the strays, but the great job these dedicated people do must seem like an uphill struggle at times.





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