Notorious petty thief strikes in Halifax

Notorious petty thief strikes in Halifax

Police in Halifax West Yorkshire are today investigating yet another crime by the now infamous Portuguese Pilfering Pooch. This modern day Zorro character has become infamous in the Wheatley area of Halifax for his charismatic style of petty pilfering. Notoriously handsome, debonair and charming, he is famous for winning over his victims with his handsome face, waggy tail, cheeky grin and charming ways – before stealing from them in broad daylight.

The latest victim, a Mrs Jane Biddiss, reported washing a makeup brush last night and then leaving it on the bathroom radiator to dry. She gave this statement to Police: “I do remember seeing a Mediterranean type hanging around the bathroom late last night before I went to bed, but as he seemed so handsome and charming I never gave it a second thought.”

Police have worked with Mrs Biddiss to produce a picture of the conniving canine — see attached.

Officer Oswald, a member of the elite Black & White division of the Collie-Cops, has patrolled Biddissville for the last three years and has a reputation for strict canine control and pooch policing.

He has an old-fashioned approach to keeping order and does not believe in the modern way of short sentences in the dog basket for offenders. He thinks that the more direct ‘nip them sharply on the legs’ approach is a far more effective deterrent. Officer Oswald was on night duty in Biddissville last night when he caught the Portuguese Pilfering Pooch ‘red pawed’ attempting to steal the aforementioned brush from the Biddiss bathroom. In the ensuing struggle the thief panicked and stashed the loot behind the radiator before fleeing the scene. The stolen goods were located the next day by Officer Oswald who stood guard until Mrs Biddiss came to reclaim them.

This is just the latest of many brazen minor thefts in Biddissville. The Collie-Cops, led by Officer Oswald, are determined to prevent this happening again.

However, due to the shameless and beguiling nature of this duplicitous doggy thief, we may have more incidents to report to you in future months. Keep monitoring our canine crime page for the latest news.

The Portuguese Pilfering Pooch

Officer Oswald

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