Daily Archives: May 19, 2011


Animalcouriers collected this cute bundle of fluff from Granada in Spain. He's moving to the UK with his family. A much-loved dog, he adores walks, and cuddles and kisses too — both giving and receiving. Charlie had a brother who sadly died from leishmaniasis, a very unkind blood infection transmitted by mosquitos that's prevalent in Spain. Charlie's family couldn't face losing another dog to the disease, which is why they're moving back to the UK with Charlie. We know Charlie's family would wish all dog owners in Spain and elsewhere in southern and mediterranean Europe to be aware of the [...]

Monty and Rufus

Animalcouriers collected Monty and Rufus from Elche in Spain. Both dogs are on their way to their new home with their family in the UK. Monty and Rufus were both found starving and neglected — but it's hard to believe it when you see them now. Monty is a bundle of fun who loves running and playing; while Rufus is a picture of health who enjoys his walks and is very gentle and loving.

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