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Ada May

Good ol' Texan gal Ada May is leaving England to return to the Lone Star State. This delightful Dachshund has been living in Essex with her owner — and fellow Texan — Connie. Animalcouriers are helping Ada May get to the US by arranging her flight to Dallas. Connie and Ada May will be parted for a month and we are sure they will miss each other as they are so well bonded. We hope the days pass quickly for both of them.

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Ray the racing rev

When Rev Ray isn't rescuing stray dogs in Madeira with his wife Jane, he's busy doing all the things you'd expect a vicar to do...like revving up to set the inaugural world record for a motorcycle hearse. In his specially built trike-hearse, known as The Rocket, that he uses for real funeral services, Ray clocked just over 114mph at Elvington Airfield. That's probably even faster than Canico can run! Racing Rev

Hello from the Happy Holiday Hound

Hello Aunty Mary, Uncle Olof and Godmother Julia Well - I have just returned home after my holidays. We have been to Kielder Water in Northumbria - border territory. All I can say is - I AM ABSOLUTELY EXHAUSTED!!! These people are completely mad, and as for those collies - barking mad!! Well, us Mediterranean types consider a busy day to be a small spot of squirrel chasing, a quick bit of verbal abuse to the Magpies and then a very long siesta on a comfortable bed in a sunny garden. These mad English types like to walk and walk [...]

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