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Rocky learns a lot about life

We arrived at Patras expecting find a ferry waiting for us. It's true that we were cutting it a bit fine, but it's not unusual for Greek ferries to be pushing passengers onboard more or less as the gangway is rising.  On this occasion, however, we reached the ticket office half-an-hour before the published departure time to find the ferry had already left... So we were forced to take the next waiting ferry, and found ourselves on a nearly empty boat. Rocky took his walks on a deck that seemed to be about the size of a football pitch. For [...]

Real sheepdogs

At Korinth we met up with Maggie's two dogs, Juno and Raki, who she adopted as puppies while on holiday last year. The two pups have grown up to look like Greek sheepdogs and have very gentle personalities. Foster parents Brian and Susi have been looking after them. Although pleased to see them on their way, they're also sad to see them go. "It will leave quite a gap in our lives," they said. Now, we've heard of cats that bring home mice as a gift, and dogs that will fetch a pair of slippers. Juno and Raki surprised their [...]

Breakfast on Naxos

Animalcouriers has reached the Greek island of Naxos where we are collecting the Sloane family's pets. There's always good company to be found around the tavernas at the port, so courier J wasn't too surprised when a handsome young man joined her for breakfast. Munching his way through several large crumbs of biscuit, he told her between mouthfuls about life on Naxos: the boats that come and go, and the kind people who share their breakfast with him.

Penny at Preveza

Penny arrived safely at Preveza in Greece and immediately began inspecting the boat and her crew. "Aye, cap'n, all's well," she said, pleased and smiling at the progress they'd made while she was travelling down with Animalcouriers. As we pulled away she went off to check that the final arrangements were all in place. The boat is due to go in the water later today or tomorrow.

The story so far…

Any pet shipper reading this story will, we know, nod their heads sagely in complete understanding. Richard lives in England and works for the Dutch branch of an international company. He's being posted to Bonaire (part of what used to be the Netherlands Antilles) and wants to take his Flatcoated Retriever, Charlie, with him. Richard is flying with KLM via Amsterdam and tried to book Charlie onto the same flight. "Sorry," said KLM. "Charlie's too big. His box won't fit in the cargo hold, so he'll have to start his journey at Schiphol airport." "OK," said Richard. So he contacted [...]

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Sailor Penny

Penny is off to Greece for her summer holidays where her family has a boat on the western side. Penny says she isn't sure how she'll feel about being on a boat, as she's used to running about in the Scottish countryside. But she's keen to try her hand at crewing: winding winches, fastening halyards and casting off. Well, she certainly has all the right terminology at her pawtips and seems to know what she's in for!

Quiz results…

Well, it's a hard decision this month. We had two quizzes running at the same time: 1.  What is this a picture of?: Any idea? We had this answer from our vet, Diana James, who suggested "rolls of cheese?". Jane Biddiss suggested they were "Bananas as designated by the EU – standard shape, standard colour, standard size!!!" 2.  What's the bag for? Any idea? Diana suggested "snails?" Jane however suggested "The bag is for their shopping. This person isn’t harvesting anything they were just crossing the field on their way to the shops!!!" The real answers [...]

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Animalcouriers will have the pleasure of collecting handsome Obol from Brussels airport on Friday evening, when he arrives with his special courier all the way from Russia. His owner, Lesley, will be travelling down from Scotland to meet us in London and take Obol home with her. Everyone is working hard to make sure this lucky boy has a very smooth journey.

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