Hello from Sneaky Neaky

Hello from Sneaky Neaky

We received this lovely update from Canico (read about his rescue from Madeira last year)

Dear Aunty Mary & Uncle Olof and Godmother J

I suppose I should say where are you? As opposed to how are you? Are you on your travels yet? Wherever you are I hope you are having a good time.

I am having a GREAT life. I have settled in so well and my Mum says I am no trouble at all.

I do like to help my Mum by digging in the garden, she does get rather cross with me, humans eh, totally unfathomable. There I am trying to help with the digging and is she grateful ?– not a bit of it. I have decided that I dislike Rhododendrons enormously, well humans can’t smell it of course, but I just do not like the smell and attack my Mum’s new Rhododendrons as often as I can (kill, kill). I like to pretend that they are squirrels or magpies and rip them to shreds – oops , in trouble again!!!

Life has settled into a very nice routine. As you know Aunty Mary ‘us dogs’ love a nice predictable routine.
We are having an unusually warm start to the Spring and I am doing some serious sunbathing in the garden, whilst those loopey collies run round chasing toys. Occasionally I like to annoy them by stealing the toy that they are playing with and running off with it as fast as I can. That gets their attention I can tell you – snigger!!

I am still being let off the lead in the park when we get to the big field and my sister Amber and I have got a new game.  Mum & Dad shout ’’Run, Amber run’’ and she takes off running really fast in big circles and I chase her. She is very quick and it takes me all my time to keep up. My Brother Oswald has to sit still when we play this game (now the hot weather has come) because if he gets too hot he gets poorly due to his epilepsy.

I do a lot of snoozing in my bed and eat HUGE meals. Mum took me to the vets for my booster jabs and she felt very proud as the vet said I am perfect – not too thin, not too fat, shiny coated,  handsome, good natured and a lovely colour.

I do love to cuddle as well, Mum spends many a long hour cuddling and stroking me and I give her big kisses in return. Obviously no hard feelings over the Rhododendrons then, can’t think why they make such a fuss over those stinky plants!!

I am still keeping a very close eye on the magpies. They are very cheeky birds indeed and have now decided to nest in the tree over the fence at the bottom of the garden – what a nerve! This now involves me patrolling the perimeter of my territory  a lot and I often have to grumble very loudly at the magpies – not that they seem to care, shameless birds!!

We are off on another holiday over Easter. We are going up to Kielder  Water in Northumberland, doggy heaven, lots of walking and running around. It will be a long car journey for us dogs but we will be cool and comfortable. I will write to you after my hols and let you know what I’ve been up to.

Take care in your travels.

Licks & woofs from Sneaky Neaky

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