Jake, Kai and Nika from Seville

Jake, Kai and Nika from Seville

We think that handsome Cocker Jake, who is travelling with cats Kai and Nika from Seville to England, must have had a very sheltered upbringing. Last night he wasn’t too keen on talking to us or coming for a walk. So instead, we sat and had a reassuring chat about the trip.

In between bites of sardine, we reminded him that he was going home to see Laura, and encouraged him to relax and have just a little walk, to prove to himself that he would be okay. But he wasn’t budging.

This morning, with more sardines (which Jake seems to like very much) and more reassuring chat, he managed to step out carefully for a walk. “Very nice,” was his comment, as he started to get into what dogs do when they go for a walk.

Gentle Jake

Kai and Nika

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