Vet visit

Vet visit

We called in at a Swiss vet for Tosca and Wanda to have their parasite treatments. It was the same vet, the Kleintier und Pferdeklinik, that courier S had used in February. And there was still a horse looking out of the top floor window!

Wanda was very curious about everything at the clinic. She wandered around sniffing and getting lots of attention, while Tosca sat patiently waiting.

Wanda behaved very well at tablet-taking time, simply wolfing it down. Tosca was also a star, devouring her tablet in true Retriever food-loving style. When Wanda moved in for more, the vet kindly gave them another lick of the pâté she’d used to disguise the tablets.

Tosca patiently waits her turn

Wanda wolfs it down

Tosca and Wanda both hoping for more pâté

Could that be Juliet on the balcony?

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