Breakfast in Fuengirola

Breakfast in Fuengirola

We are in Fuengirola delivering paperwork and travel boxes to our Spanish agent A for a family who are flying their dog and two cats to the USA. Agent A is our bi-lingual contact for organising air travel from the Malaga area of Spain.

Agent A sorted out the day’s schedule with courier S over a power breakfast. They were both very prim and disapproving of courier M ordering ‘chocolate con churros’ — a thick hot chocolate drink with strips of batter for dunking.

So how come it was A and S who ate most of it?

So glad someone ordered the churros!

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  1. Diana James March 17, 2011 at 3:28 pm - Reply

    so that diet is good eh , Courier M? Melon for supper when you come to Beauville.

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