Kain and Chavo reach Scotland

Kain and Chavo reach Scotland

After a five-day journey with Animalcouriers covering some 1900+ kms from Murcia in Spain, Kain and Chavo arrived safely in Argyll in Scotland.

Thanks to Wendy, Marion, Keith and the team at MARA in Murcia, Kain and Chavo now have a happy and exciting life ahead of them by a Scottish loch.

Spanimal.org has hundreds of dogs and cats like Kain and Chavo desperately seeking new homes. If you think you could give an animal a home in Spain or elsewhere, check out their database or contact them at info@spanimal.org.

It’s been a pleasure for Animalcouriers to work with Spanimal.org, a very well organised welfare goup who’ve really thought through the process of getting animals from Spain to the UK for rehoming. It’s a long way for the animals to travel and we do our best to make the journey as pleasant as possible. Kain and Chavo took it in their stride — they were relaxed and healthy which says a lot about their pre-trip care. Our couriers were also impressed by how well Kain walked on a lead. We’re delighted to see how comfortable and settled this handsome pair already look in their new home by that beautiful loch.

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