A very difficult decision

A very difficult decision

Jenny is returning to England after several years of living in a beautiful wooded valley near Vabre in France. While living in this rural idyll she adopted — or was adopted by — four lovely cats.

Sadly she is only allowed to keep two of the cats in her new home in England. Despite her best efforts, she hasn’t been able to find suitable homes for the other two in this sparsely populated area of France. So she’s decided to take two of them to the Wood Green Animal Shelter in Heydon, Hertfordshire for rehoming.

Imagine how difficult it must have been deciding which ones to keep and which to let go to a new home…
 Tilly and Kitto have been selected as the most suitable for finding a new home, while Jenny will keep Cezette and Sonic with her.

All four cats are big fluffy balls with loads of personality. Animalcouriers thinks Jenny has shown a fantastic instinct for animal welfare, going to such lengths for her cats.
 So if anyone who enjoys grooming cats thinks they can provide a home for Tilly or Kitto, contact the Wood Green Animal Shelter.





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