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Kain and Chavo

After a six-month wait for their pet passports, former street dog Kain and his feline buddy Chavo are about to leave Murcia in Spain for their new home in Argyll, Scotland. Animalcouriers is due to collect them tomorrow from their foster homes.

German Shepherd Kain has been enjoying quality fostering with Marion, Keith and their four-legged family in Mula, Murcia.

Kain’s journey began a year or so ago when he was born on the streets of Mula. When he was rescued in January 2010, he was extremely thin, weighing just 18kg, and with very little life left in him. Edy the vet at Clinica Argos saw something in Kain which encouraged him to try and save him.

Kain was diagnosed as having contracted Leishmania, a very common incurable disease. Kain was so weak he could not manage the required Glucantime injections which would control his condition. But as each day passed, his health improved, and he is now looking forward to his new life in Scotland.

Kain in the sorry state he arrived in

Kain, ready for some TLC

Chavo, a street cat has been fostered by Edy the vet for the past year. Chavo was brought in with a broken leg and was also found to be diabetic. In September 2009 he suffered an attack and had to be fed with a syringe for a week. In addition he also lost part of his vision. He has now gained a lot of weight and is looking forward to the great Scottish outdoors.

Chavo on arrival with Edy

A little later and he’s looking a different fellow

Follow Kain and Chavo’s journey over the coming weeks at Spanimal.org, Spain’s animal adoption network.


Kain was adopted from www.dogslookingforahome.com (Animales Nunca Nos Abandonan – Animals Never We Abandon) and MARA (Murcia Animal Rescue Association). A special mention must also go to Wendy, a perro passionista extraordinaire. Without her devotion and dogged determination, Kain (and many others like him) would succumb to a short and very hard life on the streets.

Like the many animal welfare groups around Spain, the small band of volunteers at MARA and ANNA do an amazing job rescuing and rehoming animals every day of the year. If you live in the Murcia area (or anywhere else in Spain), you can give animals like Kain and Chavo a second chance by supporting your animal welfare group either by rehoming an animal or simply by volunteering a few hours every week.

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