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Bedlam in Bath

Yesterday Animalcouriers delivered Louis to his new family in Bath. Steven wrote to say: "It seems such a long time since we left Louis in France — a tearful farewell to a lovely dog who had attached himself to us while we were on holiday. Our friends thought we were simply crazy. You see, while other people bring back trivial souvenirs — small mementos of their trips — we seem to collect dogs. Particularly ironic as here in Bath there is a huge RSPCA centre for unwanted animals. We had already brought a delightful little bitch back from Crete, so [...]

Kain and Chavo reach Scotland

After a five-day journey with Animalcouriers covering some 1900+ kms from Murcia in Spain, Kain and Chavo arrived safely in Argyll in Scotland. Thanks to Wendy, Marion, Keith and the team at MARA in Murcia, Kain and Chavo now have a happy and exciting life ahead of them by a Scottish loch. has hundreds of dogs and cats like Kain and Chavo desperately seeking new homes. If you think you could give an animal a home in Spain or elsewhere, check out their database or contact them at It's been a pleasure for Animalcouriers to work with, [...]

Millie on the move

Millie the cat joined Animalcouriers on a journey from Surrey to Glasgow. Sadly her owner, Heather, has developed an allergy to cats, so had to find a new home for her beloved Millie. Luckily a work colleague of Heather's has adoped Millie, but it has involved a significant change of address. Millie's new owners Pippa and Craig were delighted to see Millie arrive safely.

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Louis and Kain’s English morning

Louis and Kain stayed overnight with courier M in Sussex, having arrived in the UK from France at about 7pm yesterday evening. Both lads enjoyed a morning walk in the English countryside where they discovered lots of exciting new scents and sounds. Then it was home for breakfast before heading off on the final leg of their journeys back to their owners.


Louis has been staying at the Grande Metairie kennels in the Bergerac area of France. Quite a number of Animalcouriers pet travellers make extended stays there, as they are so well loved and cared for by Caroline and Robin. Many's the time we've collected a long-stay pet from there, only to see Caroline waving us off with tears in her eyes. She gets so attached to them all we can feel quite mean taking them away! And here she is saying goodbye to Louis, whom we have nicknamed 'the whirlwind' because he's always dashing around, just can't seem to stand [...]

Benny at the vet’s

When courier S arrived at the Kleintier und Pferdeklinik in Switzerland, the vet had been called out to an emergency, so she went for a stroll with the dogs. While walking along, they could feel a pair of eyes upon them. Imagine their surprise when they looked up to see a horse watching them from the top floor of the clinic!

Lorraine’s four cats

Louis, Josephine, Domino and Zita are travelling with Animalcouriers from lovely Rochechouart in France to equally lovely Devon. Their owner Lorraine is naturally quite anxious about them all, especially as they've been living as free spirits in a barn on her French property. All four have, however, settled in very quickly to the routine of the journey — almost like seasoned travellers.  

A very difficult decision

Jenny is returning to England after several years of living in a beautiful wooded valley near Vabre in France. While living in this rural idyll she adopted — or was adopted by — four lovely cats. Sadly she is only allowed to keep two of the cats in her new home in England. Despite her best efforts, she hasn't been able to find suitable homes for the other two in this sparsely populated area of France. So she's decided to take two of them to the Wood Green Animal Shelter in Heydon, Hertfordshire for rehoming. Imagine how difficult it must [...]

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