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Misty arrives in Edinburgh

Much loved Misty arrived today in Edinburgh, where she will be living in a very des res, as is only fitting. Misty seemed to enjoy her travels with Animalcouriers, especially the talking books courier S was listening to on the journey. When we stopped for fuel and put the story on pause she had a right moan, insisting the CD be left on so that she could carry on listening!

A warm welcome for Thomas and Barnabas

When brothers Thomas and Barnabas arrived at their wonderful new Scottish home, tears of joy were shed by everyone, including courier S. This adorable pair of Dachsunds had been very sad since the loss of their previous owner, but today were delivered into the loving arms of Richard and Lorraine. These cheeky chappies are going to love their new home, where they will get all the care and attention they need to recover from their grief.

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