Update on courier J

Update on courier J

With couriers M and M2 continuing towards the UK with their passengers, it’s time for an update on courier J. If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll know she’s in hospital in Spain, recovering from a burst appendix. She tells us:

“Today has been a very exciting day. I’ve been sitting up, standing and was even allowed to go to the loo — yippee! A, our agent in Spain, came and reorganised my room, sorted out all my needs with the staff, and went and bought me all sorts of stuff I needed, like toothpaste. I’m hoping to be discharged tomorrow, when I’ll be off to stay with John and Margaret.

“A huge insulated tray arrived at lunchtime which got me very excited. But when I lifted the lid, all I found was a small bowl of gruel. But I was good and drank it, along with my pineapple juice.”

Troops wait for news on the 'patient'

Can't be all that bad with a view like this from the room

And to round the day off, Louis, courier J’s rescue pup, has just had the snip. Comrades in stitches.

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