Daily Archives: January 19, 2011

Why Louis won’t be seeing courier J this week

Louis, the rescue pup adopted by courier J, is waiting out his pet passport in France. His rabies antibody test was fine and he'll be able to enter the UK in June. With Animalcouriers due to pass through on their way back to the UK this week, Louis was very excited about sharing this good news with J in person. Unfortunately, however, he won't be seeing J this week. Out of the blue, she's been struck down by a ruptured appendix! So she's in hospital in Malaga, in Spain, recovering from an operation to remove it. Luckily, our agent in [...]

On the tiles with Oscar

The sleepy brown bundle that was Oscar the Chocolate Labrador puppy has undergone a metamorphosis. He's turned into a typically nosey little chap with no sense of fear, and a thirst for knowledge and adventure. He has conquered steps, developed a taste for toes and slippers, and chewed pretty much everything he's encountered so far. Like any puppy's owners, John and Margaret have to be very alert at all times. But Oscar's latest escapade left them speechless. Their house is on a steep slope and one corner of the roof almost touches part of the garden terrace where Oscar plays. [...]

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