The handover

The handover

What a day it was for John and Margaret yesterday, waiting for Oscar.

1300: John was sitting on his balcony just in case Animalcouriers came up the road and he missed them.

1400: John was on the roof of his house with binoculars trained on the motorway in the hope of spotting Animalcouriers as we came by.

1500: John was sitting on the patio, with a good view of the bottom of the road, just in case he missed Animalcouriers coming round the corner.

1600: Getting a bit desperate by now, John opened the gates — where were Animalcouriers?

1700: we sent an email to say we were about one hour away. Margaret wrote straight back to say John was pacing the floor. “Was it this bad when your boys were born?” we asked.

1800: we emailed to say that due to traffic we were slightly delayed but were really looking forward to our dinner.

1800: John opened the champagne.

1815: John and Margaret had already drunk the champagne. “I’ll get dinner on,” emailed Margaret.

1822 precisely: We arrived — but where was John? Changing his shoes for the photoshoot; and there was Margaret filming as we drove up the road.

So after 35 years, John at last has his Labrador dog as nephew M hands over precious cargo Oscar!

Poor bemused Oscar, not really sure what all this fuss was about!

Poor bemused Oscar, not really sure what all this fuss was about!

Such proud parents!

Oscar's close-up

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