Oscar keeps busy

Oscar keeps busy

Oscar had a very busy time from the moment he arrived at John and Margaret’s yesterday evening.

He’s encountered steps, and looked very satisfied when he managed to climb up a couple; but couldn’t work out how to come back down. Margaret had to step in and give him some tips.

He then had a mad five minutes charging round the garden, then promptly sat down with the hiccups.

Oscar decided he liked watching sport on the TV, especially footie and cricket. He immediately started nosing and pushing a ball around the floor that Margaret had given him.

And after all that excitement, he had a cuddle on John’s knee — just wonderful he said, while I am still small enough to fit onto a knee. Won’t belong before I am too big for this.

Oscar has also taken to his training cage and so far has not disgraced himself by having any accidents inside the house.

By the end of the evening he was comatose on the floor, snoring gently, and apparently very contented.

Oscar makes it down the stairs

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