The Mini Schnauzer Club

The Mini Schnauzer Club

Bingo is the newest member of the Mini Schnauzer Club. He has settled in firmly at Animalcouriers’ home, all four paws well under the table. We think he bears a very close resemblance to a certain little dog who appears in a comic strip…

The other members of the Mini Schnauzer Club are Ozzie and Ti. The club holds its committee meetings every day at around 10am to plan the day’s activities. They don’t share their thoughts with the small annoying Staffie, Pugsley, or the snooty resident Collie who thinks he owns the place, Billywhizz. We notice signals — paw-raising and nods as they pass on the stairs, share the water trough, munch on bones — just what are they plotting?

Ozzie gets quite exhausted from all the decision-making at the Club’s committee meetings. He really doesn’t like all the chat and would rather hawk for treats, especially when none of the other members are looking. After yesterday’s meeting he went straight to this bed — so perhaps there is a plan, maybe the Collie and the Staffie won’t be allowed onto the bed to munch on The Bone today. We wait in trepidation…

Ti is the senior member and de facto chairman of the Mini Schnauzer Club. He was taking the minutes and making notes at yesterday’s meeting. Billywhizz and Pugsley were sent in to spy and find out what they are planning, but clever Ti was having none of it. Since the meeting Ti has been very busy guarding the best sleeping spot: under the Desk, it’s where the Collie and the Staffie like to sleep, and Ti thinks there’s something there he needs to be in touch with. Our trepidation doesn’t lessen…

Club member: Bingo

Club member: Ozzie

Club member: Ti

Official club portrait (as you can see, Billywhizz doesn't quite cut the mustard)

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  1. artisticsharon1216 January 13, 2011 at 2:25 am - Reply

    omgosh, they are so adorable. we have a mini schnauzer named Sammie and she’s the light of our lives…and rules the house too.

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