Daily Archives: January 11, 2011

Poppy and Misty are heading for Spain

Border Terriers Poppy and Misty are on their way to Spain. Their owner Tracy was very sad to see them go as she will not be able to join them for a few months. They are very well behaved, if a little shy — and they just don’t understand all this stuff about the Mini Schnauzer Club. Very boring if you ask their opinion!

The Mini Schnauzer Club

Bingo is the newest member of the Mini Schnauzer Club. He has settled in firmly at Animalcouriers' home, all four paws well under the table. We think he bears a very close resemblance to a certain little dog who appears in a comic strip... The other members of the Mini Schnauzer Club are Ozzie and Ti. The club holds its committee meetings every day at around 10am to plan the day's activities. They don’t share their thoughts with the small annoying Staffie, Pugsley, or the snooty resident Collie who thinks he owns the place, Billywhizz. We notice signals — paw-raising [...]

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