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Jenga’s adventure

Although Jenga reached the UK safely in the end, the following story we received from Heather makes us wonder if Jenga isn't just the teensiest bit jinxed... "We've been staying in Oxford with Chris' family, and decided to take a walk into town. Well, we were crossing the street on a bridge over a canal when, for some reason, Jenga decided to hop the barrier (expecting grass, I presume). He fell about 12 feet into icy cold water, and everyone around was screaming and trying to figure out how to get him out. "We threw a float device to him [...]

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Jenga’s journey

In late November Jenga the Rhodesian Ridgeback was booked to fly from Toronto, Canada to Gatwick on the same flight as his owner, Heather. All the paperwork and procedures were in place, travel box prepared and everything was looking good. Unfortunately, however, when Heather went to check him in at Toronto airport, the Canadian cargo handlers said they had no record of the booking, so Jenga could not travel. Disaster! The airline at the UK end knew all about it, Gatwick Animal Reception Centre knew all about it and Animalcouriers knew all about it, but an administrative oversight in Canada [...]

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Millie to Dubai… eventually

Millie the Black Lab was staying with friends in Glasgow while her owners got settled in to their new home in Dubai. Animalcouriers had arranged for Millie to travel from Glasgow to Dubai on 28 November to join them. But then the snows arrived! Her carers gamely battled through the snows and the blizzards to get Millie to Glasgow airportĀ in the early hours of the 28th, only for the aircraft she was due to fly on to be diverted to Prestwick, as Glasgow was shut down by the snow. Millie was checked in but it was unclear whether the flight [...]

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