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I came, I saw, I would have hunted

Cesar the Korthals Griffon is a very special dog indeed. When we walked with him in Ouisterham this morning, what excitement! He had to watch while ducks, seagulls and other water birds  paraded up and down. Such a struggle for a dog with a nose that's primed to track other animals just by the scent he gets through the air! He's a very gentle dog, and great fun to walk with.

A yummy Chocolate Lab

Animalcouriers are very excited to have been chosen to transport this very cute young man to his new mum and dad. Furio [later to be renamed Oscar] is a Chocolate Labrador pup from renowned breeders Les Labradors du Taillis Madame in the Pas de Calais, France. We were lucky enough to meet him with his litter mates and his mum when he was just 20 days old. We also met his dad, a very handsome beast—let's hope Furio is a chip off the old block. We look forward to seeing him again in January when we will be taking him [...]

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Snow, snow everywhere

On the drive north through France, we encountered increasingly heavy snow, which made our journey quite slow. South of Rouen, a kindly snow plough pulled out and provided us with gritted tracks to follow. This was immensely helpful for a period of time, but for much of our journey the roads have been untreated; or the volume of snow has been too great for the cleared routes to be useful. Drifts across the central reservations mean that only one lane has been available on some motorway routes. Very sensibly, the police have banned all HGVs from the roads, something the [...]

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