Willow’s here!

Willow’s here!

At the end of October Animalcouriers arranged for Cocker Spaniel Willow to fly from the UK to Australia, to join Justine and the rest of the family in their new home.

Justine’s parents took care of Willow and the import requirements before her flight, as the family had already left for Australia.
On arriving, Willow’s first stop was the Sydney Quarantine Station, where she had to stay for 30 days. She’s now flown up to Brisbane and was reunited with her family earlier today. Justine tells us:

“Willow arrived today and is now with us at home. Feels great to have her here, really completes the family. Thank you once again for all your support for me and my parents, you made it very easy. Willow is still a little stressed by the whole ordeal, but I’m sure once she is settled she will be fine.”

We wish Willow and her family all the best in their new home.

Willow completes the picture

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