Greetings from Moose Jaw

Greetings from Moose Jaw

L at Animalcouriers, who looks after all our airfreight, recently received a lovely email from Ian and Bev, whose dogs and parrot we moved from the UK to Canada in May. The dogs, JJ and Paco, are both Jack Russells, and the parrot is an African Grey called Remy. Ian said:

“I can’t speak highly enough of you and your company for your patience, understanding and professionalism in dealing with our move. If you remember, it was on-off, on-off, but eventually, with your help, we made it — and are now living very happily in our new home in Moose Jaw, Canada. 
I would also like to thank your courier who was a great help on the day of our flight.”

We’re so glad that everything worked out so well for Ian and Bev and their lovely pets.

Ian with JJ, Paco, new Canadian dog Bonnie (a Cocker-Pug cross), and Remy

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