Canico, who moved from Madeira to Halifax to live with Ray and Jane, via an extended stay with Mary and Olof at Cartama Kennels in Spain, is experiencing snow for the first time. He’s so excited that he had to tell Mary and Olof, and his Animalcouriers godmother, all about it…

Hello Aunty Mary, Uncle Olof and Godmother J,

Well here I am ”paw deep” in some strange white stuff Mum & Dad call snow — bloomin’ cold on the toes, I can tell you, and loads more is falling from the sky. But I have taken it all in my stride as usual and adapted quickly to this weird white wonderland.

I had a massive game of racey chasey with my little sister Amber in the garden this morning — she is the only one who can keep up with me. Mum & Dad took us over to the park first thing and there was so much snow. I had my lovely waterproof fur-lined coat on; the collies have in-built winter coats and they looked so funny with snow all over their faces. I just pranced around, having a fab time — everything is so very exciting.

The three of us in the snowy park

Anyway I must go and chase my sister around some more.

Licks & woofs 


Me with Mum, who says she is looking particularly glamorous (not!!)

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