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Louis sees the sea

As soon as the cold weather subsided, George and Milly took Louis for his first visit to the seaside. They had a glorious romp over the sands and met dogs large and small. Considering this was the first time he had been let off the lead, we think Louis took to it like a pro. Mind you, as he's always glued to George's side, we didn't have much fear of Louis straying. We wonder if Louis will be a water baby when the sea warms up...

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A yummy Chocolate Lab

Animalcouriers are very excited to have been chosen to transport this very cute young man to his new mum and dad. Furio [later to be renamed Oscar] is a Chocolate Labrador pup from renowned breeders Les Labradors du Taillis Madame in the Pas de Calais, France. We were lucky enough to meet him with his litter mates and his mum when he was just 20 days old. We also met his dad, a very handsome beast—let's hope Furio is a chip off the old block. We look forward to seeing him again in January when we will be taking him [...]

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Willow’s here!

At the end of October Animalcouriers arranged for Cocker Spaniel Willow to fly from the UK to Australia, to join Justine and the rest of the family in their new home. Justine's parents took care of Willow and the import requirements before her flight, as the family had already left for Australia. On arriving, Willow's first stop was the Sydney Quarantine Station, where she had to stay for 30 days. She's now flown up to Brisbane and was reunited with her family earlier today. Justine tells us: "Willow arrived today and is now with us at home. Feels great to [...]

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Greetings from Moose Jaw

L at Animalcouriers, who looks after all our airfreight, recently received a lovely email from Ian and Bev, whose dogs and parrot we moved from the UK to Canada in May. The dogs, JJ and Paco, are both Jack Russells, and the parrot is an African Grey called Remy. Ian said: "I can't speak highly enough of you and your company for your patience, understanding and professionalism in dealing with our move. If you remember, it was on-off, on-off, but eventually, with your help, we made it — and are now living very happily in our new home in Moose [...]

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Canico, who moved from Madeira to Halifax to live with Ray and Jane, via an extended stay with Mary and Olof at Cartama Kennels in Spain, is experiencing snow for the first time. He's so excited that he had to tell Mary and Olof, and his Animalcouriers godmother, all about it... Hello Aunty Mary, Uncle Olof and Godmother J, Well here I am ''paw deep'' in some strange white stuff Mum & Dad call snow — bloomin' cold on the toes, I can tell you, and loads more is falling from the sky. But I have taken it all in [...]

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