Jan and Findlay are the Animalcouriers clients with 33 cats to keep tabs on. So they use a piece of high-tech equipment most of us have only ever seen used in wildlife documentaries to keep track of game animals in Africa.

Each cat has a small battery-operated radio transmitter on its collar, each of these has a unique frequency which can be picked up by the receiver that Jan is holding in the photo. Jan and Findlay can find out the direction a cat has taken and roughly how far away it is, which considerably narrows down the area they have to search to check up on any cats they are concerned about.

The cats, however, are so clever that when they hear the sound emitted by the receiver, they know that hunting and playtime is over and that it’s time to go home for supper.

The head LED light is also helpful as the light reflects the cats’ eyes, so Jan and Findlay know a cat is there and is heading home. Each cat is checked in and out on a daily basis on a huge checklist. Once a cat is ‘seen’, Jan and Findlay can relax. When any cat is not in they can track them to check that all is okay.

Jan with her tracking kit