Daily Archives: November 29, 2010

Italy’s masserias

Dotted about southern Italy are 'masserias' — lovely ancient farmhouses. We stayed in one in Puglia, and it's well worth making the effort to find one of these old working farms. Breakfast consisted of produce made or reared on the farm: eggs, jam, bread, cheese, not to mention five different home-made cakes to choose from. We were greeted by a group of assorted dogs and cats, who seemed somehow to know that our van contained plenty of goodies for dogs and cats to eat. 'If we all look pretty and are ever so welcoming, maybe there will be a snack [...]

Creative uses of technology

Jan and Findlay are the Animalcouriers clients with 33 cats to keep tabs on. So they use a piece of high-tech equipment most of us have only ever seen used in wildlife documentaries to keep track of game animals in Africa. Each cat has a small battery-operated radio transmitter on its collar, each of these has a unique frequency which can be picked up by the receiver that Jan is holding in the photo. Jan and Findlay can find out the direction a cat has taken and roughly how far away it is, which considerably narrows down the area they [...]

The Italian job

When Jan and Findlay found they needed to make a job-related move from the hills outside North Rome to the heel of Italy, they knew that moving house was not going to be a simple as it would be for most of us. This quiet couple have managed to accumulate two dogs, Angel and Sam — and  33 cats, all but one of whom needed to move too. Through their compassion for animals they have been rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming cats in their local area for more than 10 years. They have rehomed many litters of kittens, keeping the mums. [...]

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