Canico, the lucky dog rescued by Ray and Jane, is looking forward to his first British Christmas. He recently contacted Mary and Olof, who looked after him in Spain while he waited for his pet passport, to let them know how he’s getting on and just what he’s been up to…

Woof Woof Aunty Mary & Uncle Olof

Something very exciting has just happened โ€” the postman has just come to our house in a big van and brought a Christmas parcel for us dogs and Mum says it’s from you โ€” thanks so much. We dogs are very excited now and cannot wait for Christmas!!

I am getting used to the cold and do not shiver in the evenings anymore. This morning it was cold and frosty so I wore my lovely red coat with the fur lining โ€” very warm.

I am sorry to report that I really disgraced myself the other day. My Aunty Lisa was at our house and she took in a parcel for the lady next door who was out. Unfortunately Aunty Lisa left the parcel in the kitchen and when Dad came home I had ripped it to shreds. Mum said it was some lovely clothes from Next โ€” oops.

Mum was so cross with me and so mortified. I had to write a sorry card to our neighbour and pay for a bottle ofย  ”very sorry” wine out of my bone money. Mum took me round to apologise. I had my cutest face on and within seconds the lady was hugging me and saying how handsome I was and how I obviously wasn’t to blame. Mum couldn’t believe it โ€” I had worked my magic charm yet again!!

Apart from the odd parcel ripping frenzy I’m being very good. I still steal everything in sight but I seem to get away with it; anyway I can run much faster than Mum so she can’t catch me to tell me off!!

I am eating like a horse (a very large horse at that) and having such a great time here.

Loads of licks

Canico (aka The Portuguese Pilfering Pooch)