Flinders and Alexandra

Flinders and Alexandra

Rendezvous at the Ibis Hotel at Charles de Gaulle Airport. We drove through snow to get there, so when we arrived we were in some haste, as Alexandra had got there early and had been waiting a while for us.

Which meant that Flinders was not offered a comfort break outside the hotel…so guess what, he did a huge puddle in the middle of the bar!

Such embarrassment as we dashed about looking for serviettes. When a very nice young man in uniform appeared, we explained what the puddle on the floor was. After a fleeting look of total panic on his face, he smiled and said, ‘No problem!’ So Flinders was spared.

Flinders has now gone off to his country home and the company of Labradors.

Flinders with Alexandra

Flinders and his Animalcouriers stuff bag

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