Tommy Tucker and Poppy Queen

Tommy Tucker and Poppy Queen

Tommy Tucker and Poppy Queen really struck gold when they moved house from Spain to France.

Maria’s very busy job meant she was finding it hard to give her beloved cats the attention she felt they deserved, so decided to find a new home for them.

They have moved to a lovely cottage in Limousin, with Mr and Mrs Sims, who are celebrating their 51st wedding anniversary today. What better present than the arrival of these two beautiful cats!

Although it was a very tearful farewell in Spain, Maria can rest assured that Tommy and Poppy moved straight in, tested the bed, sniffed and tasted the food, inspected the toys and then went exploring. First they’ll get to know the room they’re in now, but as they grow accustomed to their new home, we’re quite sure they ‘ll be testing out the armchairs and the settees!  Then off to explore the countryside that is all around them.

A fine anniversary present!

Tommy Tucker

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