On his third day home Canico had to go and see the vet. We can’t express it better than in Jane’s own words…

“Yet another big adventure for poor old Canico. When he arrived on Tuesday, due to the fact that he wanted to kiss us all so much, we noticed that his breath smelled really foul. He had also refused to eat since he arrived — we thought he was just unsettled but decided to take him to the vet.

“The vet said that she couldn’t understand why he smelled so bad as his teeth were OK. Then as she examined him, she exclaimed, ‘Oh my goodness, look! He has a piece of wood stuck across the back of his mouth and it’s got infected.’

“Poor little chap, no wonder he didn’t want to eat, all that travel and unrest and now this. Anyway, he is now being operated on to remove the infected piece of wood. I’m afraid as usual I shed a few tears in the vets — well it was such a shock. Thank the Lord we took him along.”

Of course, Animalcouriers were really concerned and asked to be kept posted. Later, came an update from Jane:

“Back from the vets … And our vet decided to remove two dew claws at the same time … so he has his two back paws bandaged and a lampshade on his head.”

More news the next day from Jane:

“He (we) had a restless night but he was bright and perky in the morning. Ate his breakfast and took his antibiotic in some pâté. No more foul breath and well on the mend.”

Anxious Animalcouriers ‘godparents’ were extremely relieved at the the news. Ray and Jane, so philosophical, wrote again:

“Just one of those doggy do’s on the great footpath of life, so onward and upward.”

And so endeth another chapter in ‘The Life of Canico.’

Canico and family walking in the woods

if you went down to the woods today...