Dear Aunty Mary and Uncle Olof

It’s Canico here, just to let you know how I’m doing. There is certainly a lot to learn in my new home, these collie types are so well behaved and obedient. My Mum has just chased me round the garden in hot pursuit as I pinched a toilet roll and thought this was such a good game. I was squeaking with happiness and wagging my tail like mad, but she caught me in the end — but she was laughing so much I didn’t get told off!!

I have, however, been told off and had a small smack on the bottom for scent-marking on the kitchen door frame — Mum is very cross with me, but I’m getting the message loud and clear!!

You will be pleased to know that I am really well now and getting my appetite back. I have lilac coloured bandages on my back legs which have stayed beautifully in place. At night, or if Mum & Dad go out, I have to wear a weird lampshade thing on my head to stop me nibbling at the bandages. When I wear this Mum & Dad call me ”bucket head.’

We go for walks twice day in the lovely park opposite and I get very excited — this morning I managed to jump over my brother Oswald and turn a somersault!! Sometimes in the evenings I get a bit cold and shivery, so Mum wraps me in that nice towel I brought from Spain and I go fast asleep as she strokes my ears.

Mum and Dad don’t have any carpets, they have wooden floors and I haven’t got the knack of cornering at speed yet. This is a cause of much merriment for Mum & Dad as I go skidding sideways along the hall at 100mph.

Well I must go now, time to chase my brother and sister round the garden….. busy, busy, busy.

Licks & woofs

Canico (aka bucket head)