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Lil Louis

Amost three months old now, Louis is growing fast. He spends every moment he can with foster brother and sister George and Milly. If only he wouldn't hang off their ears or bite their collars, they might be prepared to play with him a bit more! But he's taking every opportunity to learn from them: how to beg for treats, how to snaffle the best seat, how to get the biggest toy out of the toybox... He's also just discovered his bark: at the moment he sounds like a rusty gate but he's practising hard, ready to show it off [...]

An email from Canico to Mary and Olof

Dear Aunty Mary and Uncle Olof It's Canico here, just to let you know how I'm doing. There is certainly a lot to learn in my new home, these collie types are so well behaved and obedient. My Mum has just chased me round the garden in hot pursuit as I pinched a toilet roll and thought this was such a good game. I was squeaking with happiness and wagging my tail like mad, but she caught me in the end — but she was laughing so much I didn't get told off!! I have, however, been told off and [...]

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Another Chapter in ‘The Life of Canico’

On his third day home Canico had to go and see the vet. We can't express it better than in Jane's own words... "Yet another big adventure for poor old Canico. When he arrived on Tuesday, due to the fact that he wanted to kiss us all so much, we noticed that his breath smelled really foul. He had also refused to eat since he arrived — we thought he was just unsettled but decided to take him to the vet. "The vet said that she couldn't understand why he smelled so bad as his teeth were OK. Then as [...]

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