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Jed’s journey

Courier R got up at 4am for a very important Animalcouriers assignment: a trip to Dublin to collect a rescue Jack Russell puppy called Jed. The rendez-vous at Dublin airport went without a hitch and Jed is now on his way to England. After a rest, Jed will start the second part of his journey tomorrow, when he heads for Sark (the smallest of the four main Channel Islands) via Guernsey. Jayne from the GSPCA will meet him when he arrives on Guernsey and will take him to the Sark boat and to his new owner, Becky, who is beside [...]

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Canico’s journey has begun

Animalcouriers have heard from Jane, who with Ray is eagerly awaiting Canico's arrival in Manchester today. Mary from Cartama Kennels has been in touch to let her know that Canico is on his way. Jane tells us: "We just got a phone call from Mary, they have just checked Canico in and watched him disappear up a big conveyor belt. Mary was quite upset at watching him go. She said Canico looked a little confused. I've just shed a tear and it's only 9.30 — goodness knows what I'll be like by 4pm!!" We'll keep you posted on progress.

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