After months of waiting Canico is at last getting his bags packed for his UK homecoming. There won’t be a dry eye in the house as he says his goodbyes to Mary, Olof and the dogs at Cartama Kennels.

Canico the dog makes preparations for last part of journey home

Canico - the final stage of the journey starts today!

Mary has made an appointment at the vet’s for Monday morning for Canico’s tick and flea treatments. The vet will also look him over to check he is fit to fly, and sign and stamp his passport. Then after one more night’s sleep in Spain, it will be home to Halifax where he will grow into a proper Yorkshire lad.

Ray and Jane are beside themselves with excitement. Animalcouriers are a little sad not to be able to see Canico on his last day in Spain, but that’s more than made up for by the knowledge that he’s getting home with the minimum of delay.

We know he doesn’t mind flights as we met him in Lisbon, Portugal, on his arrival from Funchal, Madeira. On that occasion he stepped out of his travel box just a little shaky, but more than ready to be friendly and give us a lick. So we know that on Tuesday he will be fine flying from Malaga to Manchester.

We are keeping a space open on our blog for the updates and pictures we’re sure Ray and Jane will send us.