Animalcouriers’ intrepid pig team of M, R, J and D the vet are now on their way back from Heathrow airport.

Was it a good morning? Yes, if you can call it ‘morning’, say the team — more like ‘dawning’ really. Stars of the show Sadie and Henry drew an audience of some 15 people as the whole of the Continental Handlers Warehouse drew to a halt, fork lifts stopped, ladies came out from behind counters, and faces looked down into a corridor of pig boards and ramp sides in the early morning light.

Mobile phones were whipped out to take pictures and comments ranged from “bit smelly aren’t they?” to “they’re so cute.” Even the airport vet, who must see many livestock departures, was in good humour.

Henry and Sadie take off at 10.25 today.

Sadie, Kune Kune to USA

Runnymede vet sealing Sadie into her crate after her weigh-in

Henry, Kune Kune to USA

Henry: here's looking at you looking at me

Sadie, Kune Kune to USA

Sadie on her way