Minou to Devon, at last

Minou to Devon, at last

While on holiday in France last year in August, Emma came across a little cat in the road. Unable to walk by, Emma picked the cat up and took her back to where she was staying. When the holiday ended and it was time to go back to the UK, Emma couldn’t bring herself to leave Minou behind, so she decided to start the process of getting Minou a pet passport.

Minou went to stay at Chenil des Lauriers in the Villeneuve sur Lot area, and Wendy (pictured here) started the process. At the end of the six months’ wait Wendy was horrified to discover that Minou’s blood test result had been lost and was no where to be found.

Very apologetic vets started the whole process again. So you can imagine what a relief it is for Emma that Minou is at last going home.

Emma hardly knows Minou; and Minou and Wendy are great friends! So there wasn’t a dry eye in the cattery as we took Minou away. But Wendy and Minou know that life in Devon with Emma will be great!


Minou the cat to Devon

Minou with Wendy


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