Fate seems to have taken a hand in helping J and R of Animalcouriers to make a decision about adopting a new dog. They recently lost their Labrador cross, Blackie, who was a lovable but grumpy old man. Blackie originally belonged to an Animalcouriers’ client, for whom we were due to transport Blackie to Spain. But the client promptly disappeared and was never heard of again, apart from the trail of bad debts he left along the Costa del Sol — but that’s another story!

Blackie’s sad demise has left J and R’s other dog, diminutive Welsh Collie Billy Whizz, all alone and very confused as he is used to being an underdog. J and R had been coming round to the idea that it was time to find Billy a playmate, when kennel owner Laurence in Alicante dropped a bombshell.

We were on our way to Laurence to collect a passenger returning to England when he asked, “Do you know anyone who wants a Cocker Spaniel? I’ve just had three Cocker Spaniel pups thrown over my wall in a bag.” To make it worse, he sent a photograph…


three orphan Cocker Spaniel puppies

Which pup will it be?


What a dilemma: it seemed too good to be true, it just had to be. J had been trawling the internet looking for a Cocker Spaniel before this trip but could not come to terms with buying a dog when there are so many that are not wanted. (Billy Whizz was an unwanted puppy who came from Wales.)

 But of course, there was the problem of getting a pet passport, which involves a 6–7 month wait before entering the UK.

This seemingly difficult obstacle was brushed aside when mainland European residents A and D, adopters of two unwanted Cocker Spaniel puppies themselves (to whom we are godparents), offered reciprocal god- and foster- parental care of the pup that chooses to go home with J. The only problem J might have is prising the puppy away from A and D in six months’ time…


George and Milly with Polly

New pup's foster-siblings, George and Milly


On our monthly runs to Spain and back we often stay with A and D so J will be able to visit her new puppy and see how he’s getting on. A and D are also Animalcouriers’ website gurus and have promised to post regular updates on the blog.