Del Boy waits out his pet passport in Spain

Del Boy waits out his pet passport in Spain

Del Boy is a beautiful bouncy Chocolate Labrador who Animalcouriers drove to Spain when he was just a little lad.

When Peter and his family had to leave Spain and go back to live in the UK, they had not bargained on having any difficulties getting Del Boy home too. However, they were faced with two options. Del Boy could return to the UK and go into quarantine for six months; or stay in Spain, have his blood test for rabies antibodies, and sit out the six months wait for his pet passport.

Peter decided to leave Del Boy with Mary at Cartama Kennels, where he will be able to live as a member of the family. Although his own family will miss him, Del Boy will have other dogs to play with and will live in an open environment.

Making the decision was a very stressful time for Peter and his family as they did not know how they and Del Boy would manage being apart.
 But dogs don’t have a sense of time, and will be happy in most environments where they are stimulated and well cared for. Mary and Olof are very kind and provide a very balanced environment for all the dogs they look after.

Del Boy had his blood test this week and now we are waiting for the result to come back. We will keep you posted on his progress while he is staying with Mary.

Del Boy the choloate labrador

A fine-looking fellow

Del Boy chocolate lab


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