You may all remember handsome Canico, the dog who was rescued by Reverend Ray and his wife Jane when they were on holiday in Madeira earlier this year. Canico has been sitting out his pet passport waiting time in Spain. The six months are nearly up and his pet passport becomes ‘live’ on 2 November. Ray, Jane and all at Animalcouriers are getting so excited!

Animalcouriers called into Cartama Kennels yesterday to collect little Molly who is heading home with us on this trip. Molly has been Canico’s friend and we are sure he will miss her. While we were there we took these pictures of Canico and told him, “Not long now.”

We delivered his travelling paperwork to Mary and Olof and checked that he still fits in his travel box. Canico doesn’t know that Mary and Olof will be preparing him for his journey and it will soon be his turn to travel home to his family in Halifax.

As Animalcouriers does not have a courier in Spain in early November, Mary and Olof will see him off at Malaga airport on his second flight of the year; this time to Manchester Airport, where we are quite sure there will be a red carpet leading away from the Animal Reception Centre, and balloons and flags flying for him in Halifax.

We think Canico has grown a little over these past months. He’s definitely a dog with a small power pack on his back — he runs, jumps and leaps with boundless energy — so different from the little skin-and-bones dog that Ray and Jane found on the beach in Madeira, who was so weak he couldn’t stand up. And although he will never be a big dog, he has filled out and looks so well.

His only real home so far has been Cartama Kennels. He has become very attached to Mary and loves the company of other dogs; but hasn’t been exposed to many humans or the noises of everyday life in a town or city — traffic, people and so on — so he is a bit shy. Rev Ray and Jane will still have quite a challenging job on their hands when he gets home! But they seem like a couple who relish this kind of challenge.

We asked Mary how she has got on with training Canico. “Oh, he’s a very good boy, he sits and comes when we call…” Impressed, we asked her to call him for a photo shoot. About three minutes later, having ignored Mary, circled and sniffed us, and jumped up to lick our faces, with Mary saying, “Sit, Canico, sit .. sit!” she added “…when he wants to.” He seems to be a very normal dog to us…


Canico, Madeira to Halifax






Canico - Maderia to Halifax via Spain

Canico, sitting at last, with Mary