Daily Archives: October 16, 2010

How to choose a new puppy?

Fate seems to have taken a hand in helping J and R of Animalcouriers to make a decision about adopting a new dog. They recently lost their Labrador cross, Blackie, who was a lovable but grumpy old man. Blackie originally belonged to an Animalcouriers' client, for whom we were due to transport Blackie to Spain. But the client promptly disappeared and was never heard of again, apart from the trail of bad debts he left along the Costa del Sol — but that's another story! Blackie's sad demise has left J and R's other dog, diminutive Welsh Collie Billy Whizz, [...]

Canico’s progress

You may all remember handsome Canico, the dog who was rescued by Reverend Ray and his wife Jane when they were on holiday in Madeira earlier this year. Canico has been sitting out his pet passport waiting time in Spain. The six months are nearly up and his pet passport becomes 'live' on 2 November. Ray, Jane and all at Animalcouriers are getting so excited! Animalcouriers called into Cartama Kennels yesterday to collect little Molly who is heading home with us on this trip. Molly has been Canico's friend and we are sure he will miss her. While we were [...]