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Pigs do fly

Animalcouriers' intrepid pig team of M, R, J and D the vet are now on their way back from Heathrow airport. Was it a good morning? Yes, if you can call it 'morning', say the team — more like 'dawning' really. Stars of the show Sadie and Henry drew an audience of some 15 people as the whole of the Continental Handlers Warehouse drew to a halt, fork lifts stopped, ladies came out from behind counters, and faces looked down into a corridor of pig boards and ramp sides in the early morning light. Mobile phones were whipped out to [...]

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More about Sadie & Henry

Sadie and Henry are two Kune Kune pigs who about to make history. They are British-raised Kune Kunes who are on their way to become American citizens and hopefully the forebears of all Kune Kune pigs in the USA. Animalcouriers are arranging their trip to their new owner Susan, who wrote: "I fell in love with Kune Kunes over the internet! I was doing a little surfing and a picture of a Kune piglet popped up and my heart melted. This lead me to the British Kune Kune Society and, on reading more, I was fascinated with their story. Almost [...]

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Kune Kune collection

On the way to collect Sue's Kune Kune pigs Sadie and Henry from John, who has been looking after them, Animalcouriers reported: "We are just an hour away from them, it's cold and windy, raining and sunny, and there's a rainbow." Sue replied: "Give them my love, pigs and caretakers. I'm actually pacing the floor!! This is nerve-racking! Thanks a million!"

The new pup settles in

Courier J's new Cocker Spaniel pup is settling in at his foster home. He's already learned where to do his business (mostly), which makes cleaning up after him a bit less tricky. He's ready to chew anything and everything, so high on the shopping list is a large supply of chew toys. In the meantime he's found his own: a piece of vinewood that was destined for the fire. He's doing his best to make friends with the incumbent dogs and cats. Cockers George and Milly are a bit unsure but are very gradually coming round. Luckily George hasn't noticed [...]

Itteh bitteh welcoming committeh

The Cocker Spaniel puppy's foster brothers and sisters know something's up but aren't quite sure what. The big training cage used when the now four-year-old Cockers George and Milly were pups, and when the now one-year-old Rag Dolls Toshie and Tinker were kittens, has been prepared for the new arrival. The dogs and cats have all had a good sniff round it, wondering what it heralds. Tinker's now so worn out she's had to have a lie down. But which is more comfy — inside or on top of it? Tinker will let us have her verdict soon. [...]

Name that pup!

Here is the abandoned Cocker Spaniel pup that chose to go home with courier J. Already showing no fear of vehicles or paperwork, he's a great mascot for Animalcouriers. Now on his way to his temporary foster home, the most pressing challenge is naming him — suggestions welcome via 'Leave a Comment' below!    

How to choose a new puppy?

Fate seems to have taken a hand in helping J and R of Animalcouriers to make a decision about adopting a new dog. They recently lost their Labrador cross, Blackie, who was a lovable but grumpy old man. Blackie originally belonged to an Animalcouriers' client, for whom we were due to transport Blackie to Spain. But the client promptly disappeared and was never heard of again, apart from the trail of bad debts he left along the Costa del Sol — but that's another story! Blackie's sad demise has left J and R's other dog, diminutive Welsh Collie Billy Whizz, [...]

Canico’s progress

You may all remember handsome Canico, the dog who was rescued by Reverend Ray and his wife Jane when they were on holiday in Madeira earlier this year. Canico has been sitting out his pet passport waiting time in Spain. The six months are nearly up and his pet passport becomes 'live' on 2 November. Ray, Jane and all at Animalcouriers are getting so excited! Animalcouriers called into Cartama Kennels yesterday to collect little Molly who is heading home with us on this trip. Molly has been Canico's friend and we are sure he will miss her. While we were [...]

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